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Ramagrama World Peace Program

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Reflecting on the Ramagrama World Peace Program 2023 (Youtube)

The event commenced on the evening of December 11 with a solemn ceremony illuminating the Ramagrama Stupa and offering prayers for blessings on the forthcoming main event.

On December 12, the serene grounds of Ramagrama hosted a momentous gathering for the World Peace Program—a day dedicated to unity, spirituality, and global serenity. The proceedings began in the morning with meticulous preparations, laying the foundation for a day infused with enlightenment and positive energy.

Throughout the day, the atmosphere seamlessly transitioned between reflective moments and joyous celebrations. The official program, accompanied by chanting around the Stupa, fostered a profound sense of spiritual connection.

Shortly before noon, the arrival of The Prime Minister of Nepal, Right Honorable Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda), via helicopter marked a pivotal point in the event. Introductions from the Lumbini Development Trust and The Promised Land, and other distinguished guests followed by the unveiling of the masterplan by renowned architect Stefano Boeri, culminated in a motivating speech by the Prime Minister.

At precisely 12:12:12, a poignant moment transpired with the lighting of the Eternal Flame—a symbolic ritual bestowing blessings upon the Prime Minister and invoking a spirit of global peace.

The evening session featured a meditation session, a mesmerizing lighting ceremony involving 100,000 Diyos, and a captivating final cultural program.

The event concluded, leaving participants with a profound sense of unity, enlightenment, and a shared commitment to world peace.

Notably, the Ramagrama World Peace Program 2023 transcended being a mere event; it stands as the largest gathering ever held in Parsi, Nepal, with about 22,000 people in attendance.


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